Video: Matt Morgan Shoots On Internet Wrestling Community

Published On 05/05/2013 | By Staff | News, Videos

Preview of Bloodstained Memoirs Special Edition DVD (extras) which is available now via – Matt Morgan shoots on Internet Fans…

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  • No Escaping Gravity

    Oh yeah, USA Today is a reputable newspaper. I’m guessing there were only five people in his Communications class.

  • Mum777

    Boy that communications degree did you a lot of good, Matt…stumbling on your words and can’t even come up with intelligent criticism besides just saying that IWC nerds don’t really know the business of pro wrestling. Basically saying that the average viewer doesn’t have the right to speak out unless they have a PhD in sports entertainment because they might expose the utter simplicity of a performer when the mainstream media is so much more legitimate because they turn a blind eye to your scumbaggery…and this video didn’t help with your image at all. I used to like watching Matt Morgan…silly me, should just shut my mouth because I’ve only watched wrestling since I was a child so I don’t know anything.

  • No Escaping Gravity

    Y’know, just to add, based on his logic, nobody should ever review a movie unless they’ve acted in one… or write a game summary because they’ve never played in one. He brings up Meltzer, but everybody has to start somewhere. Was Meltzer a jerkoff who didn’t know what he was talking about when his career began? Matt sounds incredibly bitter and thin-skinned if he can’t take criticism. He talks about how stupid the IWC community is, and brags about his degree, yet on his Twitter he has a post with the hashtag: #UReapWhatUSew. I don’t watch much TNA, but unless there’s some sort of sewing competition going on, he looks pretty dumb for not being able to spell sow.

    • Mum777

      He’s an idiot, and he knows he is an idiot. He can’t stand that there are people out there that will call people like him out when his matches suck. People have had opinions and a voice before the internet and after the internet, people are still going to talk trash when they see a crappy performance. He’s just mad that he couldn’t hack it in WWE and probably blames the internet for his failures in life. Do I understand how frustrating it could be to be unfairly judged by the public? Sure. Should we feel sorry for him? Hell no. That’s what you get when you’re famous or infamous. When you sell out to get what you want in life you don’t get to control what people say about you or criticize them for it. If I worried about what everyone thought of me I’d go insane lol. It’s not something to take personal it’s just an opinion. If he knows what a “great” performer he is he shouldn’t worry about if anyone says he sucks or whatever. But, at his request, judging by his “promo” I’d say he needs to go back to school. Where did he get his degree from again?

  • Mum777

    He basically just made himself out to be a bigger idiot than what he claims people on the internet have done. Way to plead your case, Lol. The only thing I disagree with is when the “dirt sheets” ruin plans by a company by spoiling them, causing the company in question to change the plans last minute so the end result is garbage. Anyways, just stick to what you’re good at, Matt…being a big guy…doing squash matches…lol.

  • BD

    I agree that some people on the IWC are idiots. But the bottom line is, the Internet drives the business. The Internet helps wrestlers get more exposure than they would have gotten had it not existed. Plus, the fans are the ones who pay to see wrestlers perform, so they have a right to voice their opinions if they don’t like something.