Video: Mick Foley Says He Will Sign New WWE Legends Deal If WWE Agrees To Two Terms

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley noted during the latest “Toy Time” video from Ringside Collectibles that he would sign a WWE Legends contract if WWE agreed to two of his terms.

One term is that WWE comes out with a Mick Foley “Santa Claus” action figure and the second is that they give him a spot on Adam Roses’ Exotic Express. Foley noted that he isn’t joking about these terms.

  • John Wena

    mick even you will not make rose’s gimmick any better

  • Dustin Wholaver

    just to have any type of deal/contract with wwe is a privilege a dream come true for just bout anybody but what do I know I’m not a business man I dunno what eles would be involved with signing a contract

  • Jared Mosher

    Maybe they don’t care to sign you after slamming their product on social media and working with Jeff Jarrett and GFW? I mean, it’s not like your Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, or Ric Flair anyways.