Video Of Randy Orton’s Encounter With Fan He Called “Latino Ms. Piggy” At Gym In Texas

Check out this video of Randy Orton’s encounter with a fan that he later referred to as “the Latino Ms. Piggy” on his Twitter. Her friends are recording her encounter with Orton outside of a gym in Texas. They’re seen snapping the same photo that Orton later shared on Twitter with the “Ms. Piggy” caption.

Orton later deleted the tweet and apologized. TMZ reported that Orton’s girlfriend has had problems with the fan on social media. The fan, Kayla Gomez, later tweeted the following:

“Let’s get one thing straight. @RandyOrton blocked me because I said his balls were in his girlfriend’s pocket. #RandyOrton”

Orton replied to that tweet with the following:

“I blocked you because you’ve been stalking and harassing my girl for too long now. Then stalking me when I had no idea who you were for a pic, just so you could use it to again, to harass my girl. You waited outside the gym to get to me! That’s called stalking! I dare you to get a freaking life or just go be a troll somewhere else.”

  • WrestlePop

    This lady obviously has mental problems.. She is stalking this guy

  • Jack Boulder

    Crazy Fan

  • Jason LeilanisDaddy Betts

    Crazy ass lady Orton get a restraining order on this broad she is a weirdo#trollstalking

  • WWEfanButNOTstalker

    I thought RANDY seemed very gracious/a good sport (at least from what I could tell from the distance the video is taken) in letting the lady approach him/take a photo with him! Maybe the problem is “the lady”!?!

  • Rico

    Orton is right on this one. You don’t mess with a dude’s wife. The “Ms. Piggy” comment was just Orton being a good heel. lol

  • Rolf Ottens

    Sorry but if he consisders this stalking? what about if other fans wait for him to sign an autograph?