Video & Photo: Sting Announced For WWE 2K15 Video Game

Michael Cole announced on tonight’s WWE RAW that Sting will be the special pre-order bonus for the WWE 2K15 video game that comes out in October.

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WWE aired a promo video featuring an orchestra, the same one that was reported on several months ago. The promo is above and WWE posted the following photo:

Click Here To Pre-Order WWE 2K15

  • handsomejack47


  • Yusei Asakura

    AWH SHIT SON … Now we got a real challenge for Super Cena

  • LissaG

    I just fangirl squealed loud enough to rival a 13 year old One Direction fangirl. I’m 37. Sorry, not sorry. Sting is my favorite of all time.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    was hoping for more but that promo is still awesome

  • Total Wafflez

    I pre ordered WWE 2k15 for PS4 awhile ago would I still get Sting as a character?

    • LissaG

      Indeed you will. Anyone who pre-orders receives it. ; )

  • duckphucker

    im buying it now

  • CMP

    Before Punk, before Undertaker, before Jericho, before Austin, before Savage, before Hogan…the man who got me into pro wrestling: the Stinger. Know your roots. Respect.

  • thatpj

    Damned good ad

  • LaShawn Torres-Stanovik

    This is the REAL ICON! This … is … STING!

  • FreakZilla

    Should have the Wolfpac Sting in there aswell