Video: Randy Orton Attacked By Fan At WWE Live Event

As previously reported – WWE Superstar Randy Orton was attacked by a fan at today’s WWE Live Event from Cape Town, South Africa.

After his match, while Orton was standing on the ropes in the corner of the ring, a fan hit the ring and delivered a “low blow” to Orton from behind. Orton retaliated by kicking the fan and then gave him the middle finger as he was being taken away by security.

The scheduled “meet and greet” with fans after the show was cancelled, presumably as a result of the incident.

Here’s the video. The quality isn’t great and the picture is rotated the wrong way – but you can clearly see the incident … if you tilt your head.

  • Willey

    randy completely no sold that low blow

  • Christina Crowley


  • joe

    Randy Orton doesn’t have any balls,or they are small.. Getting low blowed and walk around like nothing happened,oh.. I forgot, Randy can’t sell anything…

  • Jason

    People…expect Randy Orton to sell a low blow…from a fan? an unscripted pre meditated attack… really? it shows that people are retarded.

  • Dale


  • tobimobi

    Of course he sold it at first he probably didn’t think it was a fan. The way he just got up when he realized it was a fan probably means he didn’t hit him for real.