Video: Shelly Martinez Releases New ‘Ooh La La’ Video

Shelly Martinez appears in this sexy video, which she describes as, “Once upon a time in a land far, far away I had a site called It was a members site which had weekly video and picture updates. One of the video categories was called The Ooh La La Channel. What consisted on said channel? Pretty much sexy video photo shoots, you know like Sports Illustrated does? Anywho, it’s hard to come by people you can trust to shoot this type of footage. I ended up having my boyfriend (at the time) film them for me. Today I thought why not bring it back. Who cares if I do not have a pro camera! I got my tab ;) So here is my first attempt at shooting an Ooh La La video myself. The last time I wore this shirt was on my birthday/PWS show/double bday party with Kevin Matthews. It was the beginning of our more than friends connection and with that inspiration I bring you another do-it-yourself production.”