Video: The Amount Of Times “WWE Network” Was Said On WWE Raw (8/4)

Published On 08/05/2014 | By Staff | Videos

Check out the amount of times “WWE Network” was said on ‪WWE Raw:

So how many times did WWE mention the WWE Network?

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  • MaJuub

    My God Shut the HELL UP!

  • Rick Grimes

    This is just like those “free” apps that encourage you to pay to do things quicker lol

  • magicfan35

    Offer another 25$ shopzone gift card and im in

  • Jay

    WWE Network.

  • jake nowacki

    There marketing protocol sucks forcing it down peoples throats worked never. I think its time you relook at your strategy.

  • Danny Trayer Jr

    13 times an hour… Overkill? lol it’s a good deal but c’mon guys


    the promo comes out as fake and not genuine

  • Antonio Morales

    They need to have the wrestlers tweet it too. That will go along way.

  • Blake mac Michael

    I think saying it 1 time it good enough I mean u watch raw and it’s the WWE net work 4 only 10 dollars can u cay over kill it like the is prerecoded

  • SleepyDroid.

    I’m tired of all the rewind to previews shows and sometimes you can even see them two times at one show :

    Plus this WWE Network deal probably would have been better if you could watch all the PPVs and the shows ( RAW, Smackdown) so you can watch it more like a series.

  • Jarryd


  • Matt

    The WWE Network is like the overzealous desperate fat girl at a party.

  • Matt

    Youtube has a better selection of full matches than the WWE Network. I also don’t have to wait for them to upload old wcw and wwe shows.