Video: The Rock Promotes His New Movie “Journey 2”, Review

The first review is in for The Rock’s new 3D action adventure movie, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The Hollywood Reporter gives the movie an overall positive review and gives it a thumbs up as a colorful, family-friendly experience.

While the script is simplified from the original book, “the targeted demographic, however, will gladly hop aboard for a cornball ride through colorful, often glaringly phony sets popping with miniature elephants, gold-spewing volcanoes, and a monster-truck-sized lizard. For the adults, there’s the edifying sight of Michael Caine astride a giant bee,” says the reviewer.

As for The Rock’s performance, “Johnson sets the tone with an affable goofiness, although never ignites the spark that his labored banter with Caine requires.”

Meanwhile, The Rock is currently overseas making various public appearances to promote the film. The Associated Press has published a video report looking at this week’s Journey press conference in Taiwan. The Great One demonstrates two of his best talents – his singing and his ability to pop his pecs. Check it out: