Video: WWE Pays Tribute To Connor Michalek, See Him Take Triple H Down With One Punch

Back in April we reported that WWE fan Connor Michalek had passed away after a battle with cancer. Connor was the fan close to Daniel Bryan who once made Bryan tap out.

WWE’s tribute to Connor popped up online today, as seen below. It shows Connor with various WWE Superstars, attending events including WrestleMania XXX and knocking out Triple H with one punch before getting the pin on him. It’s a great video.

  • Ripken1981

    Awesome!! It is great to see kids heroes interact with them like this. So many times our heroes don’t live up to the hype in real life. Great video.

  • LissaG

    Well that was just about the sweetest, and also most heartbreaking, video I’ve seen all year. This is why WWE is the absolute best when it comes to how they treat those kids. My prayers are with his family. He may not have been on this earth very long, but his spirit will forever remain.

  • ksedude

    So this video made me really emotional. I can admit that.

    • LissaG

      You’re not alone. I wept quite a bit as well. Especially when Stephanie began to cry….that broke my heart into pieces.