Viewership For This Week’s Episode Of The Rock’s Ballers Show, WWE Top 10 Video

– The eighth episode of the fourth season of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s HBO series “Ballers” pulled in an average of 774,000 viewers on Sunday night, which is up from the 715,000 viewers that the show pulled in last week. The show ranked 16th on cable for the night. Here are the viewership numbers for this season:

Episode 1: 1,054,000

Episode 2: 912,000

Episode 3: 993,000

Episode 4: 874,000

Episode 5: 725,000

Episode 6: 870,000

Episode 7: 715,000

Episode 8: 774,000

– WWE’s YouTube channel has released this video looking at the top 10 DX greatest moments.