Viewership Up For The Final WWE Raw Of 2013 With Brock Lesnar’s Return

Brock Lesnar

Monday night’s episode of WWE RAW, which featured the return of Brock Lesnar and was the final show of 2013, averaged 4.128 million viewers, up 8% from last week’s RAW Christmas episode.

This week’s show did 4.141 million viewers in the first hour, 4.204 million viewers in the second hour and 4.04 million viewers in the third hour.

  • cj

    See WWE, you get higher ratings when you don’t force Cena/Orton on us.

    • Richard Hagen

      right but they will say the ratings bump was because of Lesnar and not CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. WWE has always had the habit of blaming the little guys for the bad ratings and the big guys for the good ratings.