Vince McMahon Congratulates Darren Young, Dolph Ziggler Promo & Praises Antonio Cesaro

– As reported, Darren Young has been nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for “Outstanding Talk Show Episode” for comign out of the closet on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Vince McMahon congratulated Young on Twitter:

– Dolph Ziggler cut a lengthy promo with Tom Phillips on the WWE App during SmackDown Friday night which has a lot of fans talking. Ziggler tweeted about the promo:

  • OrangesofDeath

    Why would you post the Tweet from @WWECommunity and not from @VinceMcMahon?

  • James Humwood

    And they say ziggler has no mic skills.HA! Tell me that after seeing that promo such raw emotion he can be a star if wwe would just let him….an what sickens me about all this is the only reason he’s not being pushed is because he spoke against the almighty god Orton and the promo didn’t even air on tv *sigh* wwe what are you doing this week first screwing up the rumble then cm punk leaves and now your not even airing one of the best promos I’ve seen In the last decades. I digress keep doing what your doing ziggler you deserve better. Also I just have to say ziggler is great as a heel and a face.he has it factor written all over him wwe is just to dumb to see it.

    P.S. He’s right cesaro is badass

  • Trainwreck

    I know he’s in the Elimation Chamber so WWE may start to push him – but it’s funny how literally everyone praises Cesaro, obviously a top bloke as well as a phenomenal wrestler.

  • Bryan Thomas

    I encourage everyone to get behind ziggler just you get behind bryan