Vince McMahon Not Himself Lately, Watlman-Jannetty Shoot Video

– Numerous people within WWE have been saying for months now that Vince McMahon hasn’t been acting like himself. Vince’s behavior was said to be “off” as well at Monday’s RAW – leading many people to speculate that the launch of the WWE Network (and other issues) are taking their toll on him.

– Rapper Tech N9ne was backstage at Monday’s RAW Supershow from Kansas City.

– Monday’s RAW Supershow featured 31 minutes and 57 seconds of in-ring action, down from the previous week. (Credit: Stan)

— Chris Jericho’s second book “Undisputed” will be on sale in paperback form this week.

— Former WWE superstars Sean Waltman and Marty Janetty posted a shoot video online talking about their WWE careers and other memorable moments: