Vince McMahon Reportedly Fires Head WWE Writer, Backstage News On Monday’s Raw

WWE head writer Jay Gibson has been released from the company, PWTorch reports. His release was made by Vince McMahon on Friday, just one day after WWE released 11 talents. It was previously reported by PWInsider that there were no office cuts last week and this is the first creative release that we’ve heard of.

Last night’s RAW episode was the first WWE TV show without Gibson. This led to a show that had familiar segments that are a favorite of Vince McMahon’s, including the segment with Stephanie McMahon throwing up on Vickie Guerrero.

Vince is reportedly looking at reducing payroll and is spearheading changes that go back to the budget cuts that we’ve been reported on.

  • Jam

    Haha, I highly doubt that writer would write that segment. Great job, Vince. Still a successful segment.

  • thesmarktank

    If Vince is the creative mastermind behind last night’s Raw, he needs to stay on. That was the best Raw in recent memory.

  • theripperdannyb

    That explains a lot, that Raw was damn good. Old school wrestling feel to it without feeling like they had taken a step back.

  • Necro

    No wonder I found that whole segment with Reigns and the Authority hilarious! Nice Vince!

  • cj

    Gotta give it to Vince, last nights Raw was very good. Ziggler vs Seth & Barrett vs Ambrose was good. Reigns winning the battle royal was as obvious as Batista winning the rumble but the battle royal was still good, the stretcher match was decent because I love gimmick matches like that and the authority was actually worth watching last night . Don’t hire anyone else Vince, he needs to continue doing what he wants

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Wow, i actually enjoyed this episode of RAW so much, there were segments which reminded me of the days back in ’03-’05, except with the whole Cena crap, but it was pretty damn good.

    Gibson was the cancer to RAW,

  • jmull

    Vince is great, but he has got to teach others his style because he won’t be around forever.