Vince McMahon Says It Would Be Foolish For TV Companies To Drop WWE PPVs, DirecTV Responds

The Los Angeles Times has covered WWE’s Network announcement. They note that Vince McMahon says the terms pay-TV distributors wanted in return for carrying the WWE Network were “too restrictive”. WWE had deals ready to go with major distributors for a network that would have generated fees of 20 cents per month, per subscriber. Vince said he would not sign it.

Regarding cable and satellite providers continuing to carry WWE pay-per-view events, Vince said:

“I think it’d be foolish for them not to want to carry the pay-per-view anymore. It’s found money for them.”

After Vince’s comments, DirecTV representatives confirmed they could drop WWE pay-per-views.

“Clearly we need to quickly re-evaluate the economics and viability of their business with us, as it now appears the WWE feels they do not need their PPV distributors,” DirecTV said in a statement, adding that the audience for its events “has been steadily declining, and this new low-cost competitive offering will only accelerate this trend.”

  • DustinWalterBuckley

    in 2001 Direct TV DROPPED The Pay-Per-View From Unforgiven 2001 Until after The Royal Rumble in 2002 so this Doesn’t suprise me at all! DirectTV likes to play hardball

  • saulewright

    They’d be smart to drop most of them anyway, as would Vince. OR up the price for the majors and give one free. So, if you buy Mania, SS, and Rumble at 65 per, you get EC for 20 or free, some shit like that. Iono, but either way, something needs to change.

  • Chronnie

    LOL at them DirectTV trying to convince people the network will hurt the WWE’s ticket sales…