Vince Russo Answers Fan Questions: Talks About TNA Creative, Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff & More

Former TNA Writer Vince Russo wrote a new blog entry answering some of the most common and top 101 questions he gets on a regular basis. Below are some of the ones regarding TNA.

Flair’s criticism of Russo:

Again, while we worked together Ric never said ANYTHING negative about anything. It was HIS IDEA for me to shave his head. I gave his son, David, the most exposure he ever had in his career. We put his younger son Reed on TV. What more did Ric want? Again—nothing was ever said to me to my face by Ric—even when we worked together later at TNA.

Why did you hold Pope down in TNA? He was supposed to win the title at Lockdown and you threatened to leak insider information if they did it!

Are you nuts? Ask D-Angelo himself about our relationship.

What on earth happened to the Samoe Joe kidnapping angle!?

Tell me and we’ll both know. Unfortunately for my critics–not my idea. I was just as perplexed as you. Still am.

Don’t you think you took Abyss’ character about a million times too far? (Shot his dad in the back three times, sent to prison, tried to made human by Sting, faced him in a casket match where the casket actually ROSE FROM THE RING – which prompted many “Fire Russo chants), he was unmasked, masked again, faced Judas Messias, could talk, got a girlfriend). K-I-S-S!

Just for the record, I wasn’t head of creative at that time. I just pitched ideas like everybody else. Some of those ideas were mine, some weren’t. For whatever reason, people just want to believe that every idea came from me—when the fact is I was working with others—whether it be Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantell, or Eric Bischoff at TNA. The only time I can honestly say I was responsible for EVERYTHING creative was my WWE run—when it was Ed and I and we were ALWAYS on the same page, my firt 3 months at WCW–before I was told I was now working with Eric Bischoff, and about 8 weeks at TNA between Jeff Jarrett leaving, and Eric Bischoff coming in. I was 100% responsible during those times—but, that was it. For the record, I take FULL CREDIT for the casket rising from the ring. It was just something new to try. Again—52 shows per year–NOT even including PPV.

Was it your idea to book yourself as an on-air camera so much in TNA?

No. Jeff Jarrett was in charge at creative at the time—not me. It was his company—not mine.

Did you leave because you couldn’t work with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan?

No, there were many issues that I’m not at liberty to go into.

Did Kevin Nash refuse to put over the X-Division wrestlers?

No. Kevin was great with the X-Division wrestlers from what I saw. But, alot of that was booked before I ever came back to TNA.

Why have a MMA-style match with AJ Styles and Frank Trigg, only for it to end in DQ?

Ask Christian Cage.

Kevin Kelly said you “spoiled the well” in TNA. What’s his beef with you?

How was the well spoiled when after Jeff Jarrett left, and I was given more creative power, the ratings/audience hit an all-time high at TNA. And, don’t get me wrong—Matt Conway who was working with me was a huge part of that. At one time we had over 2 million viewers. So, exactly what well Kevin is talking about I don’t know.

You apparently stated in a recent shoot that a lot of the “Fire Russo!” chants in TNA were directed toward angles you had nothing to do with. You even mentioned that some of them were Dutch Mantel’s ideas. Dutch said in a recent shoot that your claims were “bullsh*t”, and that you should own up to your bad mistakes. Your response?

Whoever said that I said they were Dutch’s ideas—that’s about as BS as it gets. I would never put the heat on somebody else when it came to who came up with what, but, on the other hand, it’s hard to go down for the entire team when you are left to take the brunt of everything. The ELECTRIFIED CAGE was NOT my idea. It was already booked when I went back to TNA Creative. I will never point the finger at anuone concerning whose idea it was. I told you that the “rising casket” was mine, and the Al Snow/Boss Man fiasco was mine—IF it was mine—I have no problrm owning it. Joe in the van was not mine. The right thing to happen is for others to come forward, but if they chose not to—that’s on them.

Jerry Jarrett isn’t your biggest fan, as evident in his book. What are your feelings toward Jerry and his beef toward you?

I just think that Jerry may have been a bit jelaous because of my realtionship with Jeff at the time. Jeff and Jerry never really got along like a father and son, and there I was right in the middle—”the friend”. I have no issues with Jerry at all, I know that he doesn’t care for me, but there’s not much I can do about that.

What are your thoughts on Eric Bischoff and what was it like working with him in WCW and TNA?

This is a tough question. The funny thing is that deep down inside I like Eric Bischoff, I do, and I think both Eric and I really tried hard to get along—I mean really tried. I can even remember that when I first started working with Eric, he got me, and my family front row passes to an Elton John concert at the Phillips Arena through his partnet Jason Hervey. I’ll never forget that. But—at the end of the day we are just so different—I mean, completely different. And, on two occassions I guess you can say we were forced to work together, when it wasn’t organic. We had to work at it every day. BUT—I admire the h*** out of him. What he’s done in his career—I envy. I have nothing bad to say about Eric—nothing.

How would you compare your personal experiences working with, an the differences between both, Vince McMahon vs Dixie Carter?

You can’t compare the two. I mean, who had Vince’s experience when it comes to wrestling—nobody alive. BUT, on the other side of that coin—who has Dixie Carter’s heart? I know Vince doesn’t. Dixie cared about me, as a person, more than anybody else ever did in the business. That meant everything to me, and that made me want to give her everything I had—every day I worked with her. Just two completely different human beings.


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