Vince Russo Wants To Book Bray Wyatt, Talks WWE Divas, Lana’s Promo, Kane, Announcers

– Vince Russo was active on Twitter during last night’s WWE RAW episode. Here are some highlights from his thoughts on the show:

“These Divas just don’t seem as well schooled as many as I’ve seen in the past.”

“When any announcer repeats anything even twice in wrestling it makes you think of JR—and that isn’t good for them.”

“Does anybody really care today if somebody says our GOVERNMENT is pathetic? That’s a babyface pop.”

“Why wasn’t his entrance last? Are you kidding? That is just BAD—no other way to put it. Bray is the hottest thing on the show and DelBerto gets entrance after him? Bad, bad, bad. Please let me book this guy!”

“Having Bray out there makes him look like everybody else. They would have NEVER put Taker in that kind of a spot “back in the day.” That tells you that they have NO IDEA what they have with Bray. He is a special talent. Look at him on the apron. He doesn’t even know how to react put in that position. #unprotected.”

“Did one of the announcers say, “What is this?” When we’ve seen Kane’s entrance for almost 20 years—SIX BILLION TIMES?”

  • Kiran Sahonta

    I don’t always think highly of Russo’s opinions but he’s got some good ones here

  • ksedude

    Bray Wyatt has so much potential to take the torch from the Undertaker as far as the creepy supernatural heel… WWE really is making him just another guy. He should have entered last for his team, even if he WAS in a tag match with other random heels.

    • Eoin Egan

      that was made even clearer when cena beat him

      • ksedude

        Yeah. You didn’t see Taker getting pinned clean repeatedly even when he was a heel. It’s sad. I know it’s the “reality” era, but come on..