Vince Upset At Raw, Ex-Creative Do MMA Show, Cole vs Lawler?

– According to the Wrestling Observer Vince McMahon wasn’t in a very good mood backstage at Monday’s Raw. He was annoyed that the crowd was dead for his segment, and was also not pleased when R-Truth called out the wrong town name.

– Former WWE creative members Court Bauer, Alex Greenfield and Chris DeJoseph are working on a reality show with MMA star Frank Shamrock, entitled “Ungloved”.

In an episode they filmed on Monday, Shamrock lobbied politicians about getting MMA sanctioned by the New York State Athletic Commission.

– There is a strong rumor that we’ll see Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole at Wrestlemania.

As previously reported Cole had been learning to take bumps at FCW, preparing for some kind of match or altercation.

If they go ahead with it, it’s likely Cole will cost Lawler his match at Elimination Chamber.

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