Wade Barrett On Being In Mick Foley’s Book, Pete Rose Talks Kane & Daniel Bryan, Teddy Long

– Wade Barrett posted the following about being a character in Mick Foley’s upcoming kids book:

“Just heard that a child version of me gets bullied by The Miz in @realMickFoley’s new Christmas book. Pushing the boundaries of fiction a tad there aren’t we, Mick? A 10-year-old Wade Barrett would deck a fully-grown Miz. #BarrettBarrage”

“Let’s be honest, a fully-grown Wade Barrett would deck anybody reading this tweet, so wind your necks in, internet tough-guys. As it happens, reading @realMickFoley’s first book back in 2000 is what convinced me to become a wrestler in the first place. A 250,000-word book that I read in less than 3 days. I would call it a life-changing experience. 12 years later, he has written about me. Thanks, Mick. With that being said, i’m still going to give him a slap when I see him for having The Miz bully me. #HaveANiceDay”

– WWE’s website has an interview up with Hall of Famer Pete Rose, who is no stranger to Kane’s wrath. Rose talks about Kane’s partnership with Daniel Bryan and advises Bryan not to cross Kane at Night of Champions so they can win the WWE Tag Team Titles.

– WWE’s Teddy Long turns 65 years old today.