Wade Barrett Reacts To Triple H’s Attack, Sheamus Tweets Poetry, Today’s Birthdays, More

– Wade Barrett tweeted the following about Triple H low-blowing him on RAW:

“Great news: Doc just counted and they are both still there. In addition, I am STILL the IC-Champion. #CheapShots #Plums #MoreIce”

– Sheamus posted the following after Raw Monday night:

“A Sheamus Poem: The Shield fight like wolves, when they face only two. But run like scared girls, when three join anew.”

– ROH wrestler Mike Mondo turns 31 years old today. Former WWE wrestler Sylvain Grenier turns 36 years old today.

– The AWA returns to ESPN Classic tonight at midnight ET with the following card: Kent Carlson vs. The Trooper, Jim Evans vs. Psycho, Tom Bennett vs. Scott, The Destruction Crew (Mike Enos, Wayne Bloom) vs. D.J. Peterson and Ric McCord.

– The AWA also runs at 1AM ET with the following advertised: The Trooper vs. Tokyo Bullet, Mike George vs. The Menace, Nikita Koloff vs. Jones, D.J. Peterson and Ric McCord vs. Tom Bennett and Kent Carlson, Jonnie Stewart vs. Tony Denucci.