Wade Needham: An Early ‘Thank You’ to TNA

Welcome pro wrestling fans to another edition of my editorial formerly known as The Elite View. In this writing I am going to talk about some positives about TNA, which is rare for me as I usually criticize TNA a lot. For those who are closed minded about even contemplating giving TNA any type of praise, this editorial without a doubt will not be for you. While I criticize TNA often, it isn’t blind, it is constructive. I have opinions on what could help to go along with my comments, and I am willing to look at positives in the company. The positives I will speak on today aren’t necessarily from a business standpoint but rather that of a simple wrestling fan.

My first thank you will go to TNA for coming out to Southern California this weekend for Bound for Glory. I know TNA has been out here before, but in the past anytime they’ve been here I’ve had shows I was booked on for commentary and couldn’t attend TNA. This weekend I had no bookings at the time of the tickets going on sale, so I purchased tickets and kept this weekend open for it. TNA barely makes its way all the way over here to California, so when they do come out here I’ve heard it has a special feel to it on their shows. I hope what I have heard is true on Sunday for Bound for Glory. Thank you TNA for having your biggest show of the year just an hour away from me in San Diego, CA.

Back in the 1990s I never attended a WCW show when the company was in business. Due to this I missed out on seeing a lot of major stars (of the time) in person. Stars such as Buff Bagwell, Arn Anderson, The Great Muta, and more. One name that sticks out to me the most that I never got to see in person was Sting. I was a huge fan of his work in the late 90s when WCW ran “the Crow” angle. This Sunday at Bound for Glory I will be able to see Sting perform in a match against Magnus. I hope Magnus is able to have a good match, which I’m sure he will, Sting may be able to carry him to something enjoyable. I’m not trying to take away from Magnus’ talent, as he does have a bright future, but Sting is going to be who my eye will be on in the match.

During the past decade TNA has come up with a few good ideas for matches, and a few bad ideas for matches. One new match type that I believe was extremely innovative was the Ultimate X. This Sunday for Bound for Glory there is a stacked match for the X-Division title in the Ultimate X match. Manik (aka TJ Perkins) vs Chris Sabin vs Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe will be the match. I have conducted interviews in the past with Sabin, Hardy, Aries and Joe. I’ve called the action of matches featuring TJ Perkins in the EWF. I have a lot of emotional investment on a person and professional level going into this match, as all involved are extremely talented and very nice guys. Thank you TNA for putting these guys in this match on Sunday!

That’s all I have to thank TNA at this very moment, and they all are surrounding Bound for Glory this Sunday in San Diego. I have my ticket sitting in front of me on my desk right now as I type this. I hope you have your ticket too. In the 90s I missed out on attending a WCW event because I never thought it would be worth it. Now that I am older and more mature I realize that was a mistake. I will not make the same mistake in this new millennium with TNA. Whether TNA sticks around for a few more decades or it crumbles in the next few years, after this weekend I won’t look back in regret having never seeing them live and in person.

With that said I am out of words for this edition! Thank you, good night and Be Cool!

Wade Needham
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