What Happened After Survivor Series Went Off The Air; Vince Returns, Cena Challenges Orton

After Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view went off the air in Boston, John Cena challenged Randy Orton to a champion vs. champion match. Orton declined and Kane went after Cena but Triple H stopped him repeatedly. Kane grabbed Triple H for a chokeslam but Orton calmed him down. The Authority left and Cena took the mic to cut a promo until Triple H came back out.

Cena challenged Triple H to get in the ring but Vince McMahon came out and stopped Triple H from going in. Cena taunted Vince as Vince got ready to fight. This brought out Stephanie McMahon, who stopped Vince. The Authority walked to the back together but not before Vince stopped on the stage to do the Los Matadores’ “Ole!” gesture with his jacket. Here are two photos from Twitter:

  • Glade

    Vince vs Cena WM 30, WOOO.