What Happened After Victory Road, Kurt Angle’s Health, TNA-Twitter

– Kurt Angle, who is suffering from a rib injury, told GoErie.com that his chances of making it to the Olympics are slim to none. Angle also talked about his health:

“I’ve beaten myself up a lot. When I came back and started working out for the Olympics this time, I kept getting hurt. I popped a patellar tendon, then I popped an Achilles, then I blew out my hamstring. I went to my doctor and said, ‘What’s going on? I’m a machine, I don’t get hurt.’

He said you’re over 40, things are gonna happen to you unless you train. So I spent four months training just to get ready to get back on the mat.”

– After last night’s TNA Victory Road pay-per-view went off the air, the crowd chanted “Fire Bobby” as Bobby Roode continued to stand over Dixie Carter and Sting. Agents D-Lo Brown, Al Snow and Pat Kenney finally came down to help Dixie.

– Brooke Hogan was at ringside for Victory Road last night. She got involved in the Robbie E. vs. Devon TV Title match, taking a steel chair away from Robbie.

– TNA featured Twitter more than usual on last night’s Victory Road pay-per-view. Some of the stars trending worldwide were Gail Kim and Devon.