What Happened After WWE Battleground, Cesaro’s Giant Swing, Negative Fan Reactions

– After WWE Battleground went off the air, referees checked on Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton until they both got up. Bryan hit a flying knee on Orton to end it.

There were lots of “refund” and “bullshit” chants inside the arena and then as fans made their way out of the arena. Fans in attendance noted that it was a very gloomy exit from the arena and that nobody was buying merchandise or being excited.

– WWE posted this video of Antonio Cesaro hitting the Cesaro Swing on The Great Khali at Battleground last night:

Cesaro commented after the match:

  • Devon


  • Ruandy Torres

    WWE “creative” has got to get it’s act together.These non finishes and constant screw jobs are killing the ratings.morale and PPV numbers. Just because Dusty Rhodes is around doesn’t mean they need to book like he did for Crockett.

  • Pissed off Fan of WWE

    I went to WWE Live event Saturday and man did it suck monkey nuts! I wish I could have a refund on that one for myself and my son. WWE needs to get it’s act together because I will no long pay out my hard earned money for this crap the call wrestling. If I wanted to see BS matches I would go watch Indie Wrestling for $10.

    • Willey

      I have seen plenty of great indy matches, with plenty of talented wrestlers, that actually had an ending

  • Willey

    at least give WWE credit for trying to be creative, no one saw a no contest coming, maybe they should stick to being predictable, if being creative corresponds to refund chants

  • Jason

    The PPV was by far one of the worst Ive ever seen, the best match IMO was the Rhodes vs. Shield match, only excitement next to Big Show snapping