What Happened After WWE Hell In A Cell Went Off The Air, Post PPV News & More

– Following the WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view event in Miami, Florida on Sunday night, Daniel Bryan, who failed to capture the WWE Championship in the main event of the show, was helped to the backstage area by a couple of referees.

– The newly crowned WWE Champion, Randy Orton, who won the title by defeating Bryan with help from a super-kick by the special guest referee, Shawn Michaels, continued his celebration after the pay-per-view ended.

– WWE COO Triple H, who was also involved in the complex finish on Sunday night, was in the arena with Orton after the show.

– According to one fan in attendance, the ‘energy was sucked out of the building like a vacuum’ following the Orton-Bryan finish.

  • Gary

    since the ratings are in the toilet vince needs to fix things

  • Ruandy Torres

    Such a tone deaf organization right now. The fans want Bryan not Orton but the brass doesn’t care or understand that.