What Happened After WWE Raw Went Off The Air; John Cena & Big Show In Action

After this week’s episode of RAW went off the air, Jerry Lawler eventually left the ring while John Cena remained at ringside.

The Big Show made his way down to the ring and cut a promo saying that he and John Cena had unfinished business. Show then said that the crowd didn’t deserve to see him fight, and started make his way out of the ring.

The referee rings the bell, and Cena dragged Big Show back into the ring. Show dominated the majority of the match, with Cena eventually nailing him with an AA to send the crowd home happy.

  • sunil kumar bhargava

    Past few videos are seen and what I had been concerned, WWE Chairman Mr. Big Man had taken correct decision against CM Punk, and all of WWE Universe knows that Hayman had supported in wrong activities for Punk to win over a year. Now, WWE is an interesting entertainment programme in the world. Last year, I had predicted that HHH can manage the day to day operations of WWE and he will finish the Brock Lesnar dreams, once for all. I am happy that WWE Chairman is fine and recuperating day by day. Keep the essence of administration as now.