What Happened After WWE Raw Went Off The Air – The Shield, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan & John Cena

After Monday night’s WWE RAW in Cleveland went off the air, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns left while Seth Rollins was down in the ring with Sheamus, John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Rollins pleaded with them and tried to escape the ring but was caught and took finishers from all three babyfaces as the crowd chanted “yes!”

There was no dark main event even thought Randy Orton vs. John Cena was advertised.

  • Bryan Thomas

    So they just left him? Is this some sort of sign?

  • abc123

    OMG!! means Rollins was made to suffer? That’s not good. He’s cute. But me love Roman more!!<3 Now can I get to hug the power machine?!xx