What Happened After WWE SmackDown Tapings: William Regal Knocks John Cena Out (Photo)

After today’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Manchester, England, William Regal was introduced as the special referee for the dark main event. Regal came out in a suit and received a huge pop from the crowd.

The dark main event saw John Cena defeat Alberto Del Rio with the World Heavyweight Title on the line. After the match, Regal took the mic and praised Cena before attacking him and laying him out. Cena came back and hit Attitude Adjustments on Regal and ring announcer Tony Chimel. Regal received another huge pop when he left the ring.

Here’s a photo of Regal after knocking Cena out:

  • Brittany Anne Lynn


  • bernardo

    yeah right, the crowd cheers regal one of if not the worst wrestler and under achiever in the wwe ,for knocking out the 2nd greatest of all tym ,well thats convienient ,well done manchester ,i think you should stick to soccer cause clearly wwe isn,t much of a thing 4 u

    • Dan Saint

      it’s still real to you, dammit.

    • trey

      Haha!!! William Regal a bad wrestler?! Are you high!!! Do you know he is a awesome technical wrestler!! You know he trained Daniel Bryan?!

      • The Knight of Truth

        No hes a fucked up Indian, they all idolize faces thinking faces and heels are real life issues. But to us what matters is performance not storylines….

  • anonymous

    about time. regal deserves a shot at the title. he busted his ass off for wwe for so many yrs

    • Peni Paklobut

      regal is a loser

      • The Knight of Truth

        You are an Indian….

    • The Knight of Truth

      I dont think this ans any significance, cause it was a dark match and several things happen after Raw/Smack Down goes off air but has no affect on the storyline. I would have loved to see Regal get a shot at the title after all this time, but as much as I hate to admit: that isnt gonna happen……..

  • Crptx

    Of course the fans would pop for Regal knocking out Cena. Cena had heat on both shows Raw and SD. William Regal who is one of the best technicial wrestlers wwe has and by the way an Englishman. Tapings done in UK so makes perfect sense. They should have had Cena stay down and would be perfect for that live crowd

  • http://crookedninja.com/ Cody Mix

    Why didn’t this make the live show? Regal knocking out Super Cena would have surely bumped those viewership numbers back up!

  • Nick Mancuso

    #DarkMatch… if it doesn’t happen on tv.. it didn’t happen at all

  • Anon