What Happened To Cesaro’s Swing Finisher?, WWE Network Learning From Previous Mistakes

– WWE officials reportedly recently told Cesaro to quit doing his Cesaro Swing move because of how it was getting over with the fans.

– It’s said that WWE is learning from some of their mistakes with the WWE Network launch as they’re doing beta testing with viewers for the international roll-out. They did not do beta testing for the first launch.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Jacob June

    That’s right, WWE. You have someone who gets so over you take away a move that makes the fans happy and leave Cena as a stale babyface that the fans can’t stand. Makes sense…

    • Luke

      Except he’s supposed to be a heel. So it makes perfect sense…

      • Jacob June

        No shit he is a heel, that is the point. If the fans cheer him, being a heel is not logical.

        • Monkey D. Luffy

          I agree, but there was no motive for him to remain a face just yet, the decision was made to keep him as a heel.

          I can understand that because if he didn’t turn heel, he would just become a sideline face who gets average reactions every week. I think the goal is to turn Cesaro into a top babyface in the near future and by aligning him with the most despicable people (Heyman and possibly HHH) and then eventually turning on them would create a big moment promising a monstrous pop.

          That would be a defining moment for Cesaro rather than having him do the Cesaro Swing every week and stay face with no purpose whatsoever.

        • Reality4U

          Umm….yeah cause DX, Stone Cold, ect never got cheered when they were “heels”. God, can you people stop the “no matter what WWE does I can defend it” crap and accept they aren’t perfect?

          • Ryan Barlow: pro wrestling fan

            yeah, they aren’t perfect, but ppl make it look as though they do everything wrong.

      • DukeMagnum

        It makes no sense, dude. Back when the swing was in full swing (pun intended), it was looking like a Cesaro face turn. Instead, they stuck him with Heyman, which was bizarre, and then promptly dropped that, presumably so Heyman could invest all effort in his part-time client, Brock Lesnar. Cesaro got a raw deal. They effectively killed his career. Guys don’t get a dozen shots to get over. That was his shot and now it’s gone. WWE can try and force a guy over like they’ve done a dozen times with the Miz, but don’t confuse that manufactured movement with something homegrown like what was happening with Cesaro.

  • FearTheSpear

    WWE officials are so full of crap

  • Thenotsoluckyone

    How is getting over a bad thing?

    • Luke

      Because he is a HEEL

    • Ryan Barlow: pro wrestling fan

      heels aren’t supposed to be over, they’re supposed to get heat.

      • DukeMagnum

        I don’t think you understand what it is to be over. Every wrestler’s goal is to get over, either to get over as a babyface or to get over as a heel. But a large part of that is the fans decide what you get over as. They were deciding Cesaro should be a babyface, just like they decided Stone Cold should be a babyface when the old WWF was clearly trying to get him over as a heel. Granted, the fans will decide more often than not that a guy should be a face no matter what if they like what he is doing. That is where good booking comes in, to create situations where someone can draw enough heat to get them over as a heel. WWE is failing fairly miserably on that front, though.

        • Ryan Barlow: pro wrestling fan

          they want cesaro to be a face now, but going by the track record, they turn on him and call him “overrated” when it happens.

  • ThatGuy

    “WWE officials reportedly recently told Cesaro to quit doing his Cesaro Swing move because of how it was getting over with the fans.”

    The only way I could see this happening, is if they were dead set on making Cesaro a heel. It seems the WWE can be inflexible at the wrong moments quite a lot of the time.

  • Ramen_4_Life

    It’s a real shame that all of this has gone down since WM30. It seemed like Cesaro would go through a Heel Face Turn, and get a push toward the WHC later on, but now he’s practically starting over from scratch.

  • Mark Charlie-Sheen Coburn

    It makes perfect sense to stop him doing the move until he turns face. At the moment he’s a heel, and his move set should reflect that. Part of why he was doing the move in the first place was to see how it would go over with the fans…..now they know it works they have a quick way to build him up when he does turn.

    The fans don’t hate Cena….most of them are either apathetic or like the guy. He’s a good guy to have in that spot as familys like him and he does what WWE tell him to do, along with a huge amount he doesn’t have to do but does off his own back. Turning him heel would make little sense, but he could be moved to the tweener role without damaging him. Wrestling is, and always has been (apart from the crap fest at the end of the 90’s) FAMILY entertainment. If you don’t like that, watch something else. If you make it so that kids can’t watch it then you have just killed off 80% of your audience. Cena is no better and no worse than anyone else on that roster. At least he seems to be able to do most of his move set, wheras guys like Punk managed to complete about 2 out of the 16 moves he attempted during a match. Jericho won’t be around that long so it’s not like they have anyone better than Cena to stick the belt on. Bryan is injured, Orton is an embarrassment, the Shield guys need more build up. If Lesner is going to have a run then he needs to beat somebody that gives him cred…..Cena is the only guy that can do that job. Unless Bryan is coming back early then this will fill out two months or so of programing while they get other people ready

    • RVD4Life

      your opinion is hilarious.. to consider the most popular era of wrestling (the Attitude Era) ever a crap fest is just plain ignorant.. keep on cheering Cena. you’re part of the reason why WWE is in the shits now. People like you have turned the business into a crap fest now… its almost unbearable to watch. Almost as bad as TNA.. congrats dude.. you suck

      • Ryan Barlow: pro wrestling fan

        it’s fans like you that why ppl look down on wrestling fans.

        • RVD4Life

          It’s lifelong fans like me who keep the spirit of wrestling alive. Its the cookie cutter bullshit fans like you who have turned wrestlng into what it is today.. We will be lucky if WWE will be around in 10 years because of fans like you..

          • Ryan Barlow: pro wrestling fan

            attitude era was just a fad to put wcw out of business.

            it’s ironic how the fans who love that era are the same ones who want more wrestling and less storylines (when the attitude era was the complete opposite).

    • Rico

      So you pretty much said Cena is/was a better wrestler than Punk. In the words of the great Iron Sheik: BULLSHIT

  • Necro

    Oh my fucking god, I don’t know whether to laugh at how stupid that first sentence is or to be pissed as hell because of how stupid that first sentence is.

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      As stupid as it sounds.. and it does sound very stupid (Cena-level stupidity)

      You have to remember he was still a heel, so gaining face reactions from the audience wasn’t a good thing.

      In order for people to gradually stop cheering for him, he had to drop the Swing finish.

      • Necro

        Bray Wyatt????

        • Monkey D. Luffy

          What about him?

          • Necro

            Isn’t he a heel who continuously gets pops?

          • Monkey D. Luffy

            currently no.

            With the exception of his magnificent promo skills since with any talent, even Cena, when cutting a great intriguing promo (which is always the case for Wyatt) always gets a good reaction from the audience.

            But that doesn’t stop the fact that he is currently playing a badass heel who is currently feuding with a top face

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I don’t think people understand. Getting Cesaro over was a bad thing as it garnered him face reactions when he was supposed to be a heel. So getting rid of the Swing finish would eliminate any audience participation from counting the revolutions, so it would make him less of a face.

    When the time comes for Cesaro to fully turn babyface, he will inevitably re-introduce the Cesaro Swing. That is when he should be getting over, as a FACE

  • Luke

    Enjoying how many people don’t understand how a heel is supposed to behave… The swing is a face move. It makes perfect sense for him to stop doing it. When he turns face, expect to see the swing at that exact moment. And expect a big pop.

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    Tha king of swing is no longer king!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TimPhilly317 TimPhillips

    Boy…it just makes me think about Wrestlemania 13 with the big double turn with Steve Austin and Bret Hart. Imagine how different things would have been if the current logic had been applied. You’re over now? Too bad, you’re supposed to be a heel, everyone loves Bret Hart even if they’re booing.

  • Rico

    This is stupid as hell. So they’re gonna tell the fans to stop holding up their cell phones because Bray Wyatt is supposed to be a heel and he can’t get that reaction? NO, they’re encouraging it! Wtf is this, they should just let guys be who they want to be and do whatever they want to do out there. If the fans cheer them, they’re a face. If they boo them, then they’re a heel. Any way they can get over, simple as that.

  • Michael Duberry

    Hmm, stopping a move that makes fans cheer when you’re supposed to be booed seems like a solid idea to me. The fans will continue to want it, and get frustrated that Cesaro doesn’t give them what they want. Then when he splits from Heyman and turns babyface, he breaks it out and the fans go nuts, happy the move they want to see is finally back. Not sure what everybody is going mental over.

  • Dalante Harris

    Not suppose to get over because he’s a heel? Can someone explain to me then what the hell they’re doing with the Wyatt’s because I’m pretty sure they’re way over but yet still a heel faction lol nothing face about them whatsoever

  • Luis Suarez

    Hurry guys write an article about why Cesaro was given the “OK” to use the move tonight on RAW!! You guys will finally be right for once!