What Move Did Dean Ambrose Do On Raw In-Tribute Of ROH’s Nigel McGuinness?

– Last week on Monday Night Raw, Dean Ambrose debuted a Rope Rebound Clothesline, a move innovated by British wrestler Les Kellett but popularized by former ROH World Champion and current matchmaker, Nigel McGuinness, as the Jawbreaker Lariat. McGuinness said in his weekly blog that he writes on his website www.nigelwrestling.com that after he had used the move on Raw, fans began tweeting McGuinness informing him of the tribute. Nigel noted that Dean Ambrose texted him saying, “let the record show yours was the original”, later on.

McGuinness also details a story about how Ambrose texted him just after he’d signed with WWE and told him how a conversation some years previous between the two in an Ohio strip club had inspired him to continue wrestling at a time when Ambrose was considering quitting. Dean (formerly known on the independents as Jon Moxley) details this story in a shoot interview released by Smart Mark Video a few months before he signed with WWE. You can purchase the shoot interview here.