When A Work Isn’t A Work Unless It Is

Can you cross a line in wrestling or is it all just a work always?

Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose were/are in the middle of a twitter feud that has/had Internet fans buzzing. Dean Ambrose is the second most talented person in FCW; just behind Tyler Black…I mean Seth Rollins. Which side note if you haven’t seen those two fight you need to go to YouTube and watch I’ll wait…..ok, great right? Ambrose is known by many in the “wrestling Internet smark world” as a Roddy Piper type. Very provocative on the mic, and at times says things he probably shouldn’t. Ambrose has all wrestling talent of a Dolph Ziggler and more importantly he has a lot of supporters from high up. Now this battle with Mick Foley started of all places at an event during Wrestlemania Weekend in Miami. Mick was taking time with fans when Ambrose approached him (camera off to the side just happened to be rolling wink wink) and started verbally assaulting Foley. Claiming Foley wrecked a generation of wrestlers by taking too many risks. Foley seemed uncomfortable with the verbal assault and played the “shocked victim” quite well. The whole thing was a setup and it worked to get some Internet buzz going. One thing the WWE has learned is the Internet is a powerful tool to get story lines over in unique ways. However when the so called battle took to twitter it seems maybe Dean Ambrose crossed a line. This is where the whole thing gets muddled up into the
“it’s all a shoot always” and Mick Foley really thinks Ambrose crossed a line talking about his kids. Foley wrote a scathing open letter to his fans and Ambrose himself. It can be found on Mick Foley’s Typepad account found here www.mickfoley.typepad.com
Mick Foley is a great story teller, as a matter of fact I think his biggest asset wasn’t his “hardcore” style but his ability to tell a convincing story in promos. This is the guy that took a “Cane Dewey” sign and made it into one of the all-time great promos. He took Edge to a dark place on SmackDown! just before Edge entered into The Cell with the Undertaker and put him even further over without having a match with him.  Foley has a wit, charm, and humor about him that lulls you into thinking he’s a big goof. However, unlike most goofs I know he can become very intense, very deranged in a hurry. It’s a skill set I’ve only ever seen in HHH. (Great humor in DX but could become the cerebral assassin in a moment’s notice)

So did Dean Ambrose cross a line of trust or is Mick Foley simply playing to his great writing skills while he continues to get ready for one more run? Is Ambrose really a loose cannon who went too far, or is he just a great line crosser in the vein of Rowdy Roddy? This is why I love the story aspect of wrestling almost as much as the in ring stuff. I have no idea, it’s so muddled up at this point we are all forced to see what happens in the coming days, weeks, and months. I hope it is all a work and we get to see Foley vs. Ambrose because they are both great story tellers who will entertain us in every sense of the word.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Has become the new what and I like it. What? is my most hated crowd chants (so much so that at the local NOW shows I practically throw up when I hear it, although my buddies Tom, Aaron and myself did get more Yes chants than what chants so we won the day) I like the Yes! chants because it is/was a giant FU from the fans to creative for an attempted burying of a great wrestler. Daniel Bryan certainly doesn’t need me to blow smoke up his ass, but I will again anyway. He is one of the best and hardest workers in all of wrestling. So when Sheamus beat him the way he did at Wrestlemania the fans revolted against the establishment. They went all tea party on creative’s asses with mass protests. So much so that the WWE told us to put our money where our collective mouths are. They made a Yes! Yes! Yes! shirt, essentially demanding we put up or shut up. It’s now our job to buy the shirt and keep Daniel relevant. I bought one, and if you can afford it and you want Bryan to continue to matter you should to.


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Jared Gebhardt