Which WWE Star Is Taking Over Santino’s Comedy Role?, Jericho & Cena Teaming Up, WWE & Japan

– We’ve noted how Adam Rose’s status as a top WWE mid-carder isn’t looking good. Word within WWE is that because Santino Marella is no longer wrestling, Rose will likely be filling the undercard comedy role from here on out.

– John Cena and Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton is being advertised for the July 13th WWE live event in Wildwood, New Jersey.

– John Laurinaitis is on WWE’s current tour of Japan.

– Former WWE talent Sakamoto has been visiting with some of the WWE talents in Japan this week.

(Partial source: PWInsider)

  • nbdynprtcular

    Guess they should have kept Justin Bateman after all. While I like the EC3 character in TNA, his comedy could have made a better replacement for Santino than Adam Rose will.

    • https://twitter.com/notpeanutbutter Jam

      Derrick* Bateman.

      • nbdynprtcular

        Yeah, him too, lol.

        • https://twitter.com/notpeanutbutter Jam

          Who the heck is Justin Bateman

          • nbdynprtcular

            I have no idea why i said Justin instead of Derrick.

  • jmull

    Then what the Fuck are they doing with Sandow?

    • ksedude

      Whatever happened with that “shoot” that he did on WWE network? Nothing?

    • tobimobi

      The Sandow thing isn’t funny it’s just pathetic. Hope they stop it soon and let him be the “normal” Sandow

  • Arvind

    Poor Leo Kruger. They changed his gimmick and now he’s an undercard comedy act. WWE need to realize that the WWE Universe won’t react the same way as the NXT crowd. Paige and Bo barely get reactions from the crowd.

    • BelgianBarrett

      The whole gimmickchange was his own idea. And honnestly it gave him more than all those years Leo Kruger. I was enjoying Leo Kruger in NXT, but he was stuck in NXT with it. They would have never brought him to the main roster as Leo Kruger.

      • Arvind

        Oh no, it was nothing to do with the Leo Kruger gimmick. I just called him Leo Kruger. I’ve no idea what his real name is. Problem is people don’t buy into gimmicks the way the crowd at Full Sail does. Those are people who truly appreciate wrestling as an art.

  • ksedude

    This is going to sound crazy, since WWE apparently see kids as their most important demographic to satisfy, but I don’t think WWE necessarily needs an undercard joke character. Comic relief and levity is always nice, but I never found Santino that funny. That’s not a knock on him personally, it’s just that the writers suck at comedy. The funniest moments to me are usually the ones that appear improvised.