Who Braun Strowman’s Demand For “Real Competition” May Lead To

“The Monster Among Men” seems to be getting bored with one-sided beatdowns. After leveling Chase Silver this past Monday night on Raw, Braun Strowman said that if Mick Foley doesn’t present him with some “real competition” next week, “there might not be a next week.”

WWE’s current plan for the angle is to feed various WWE stars to Strowman and eventually introduce Samoa Joe for a feud.

  • The Painful Truth

    Oh yes so waste perfectly good established talent to put over one of Triple H’s pets Mr. Sloppy Joe. Just lovely.

    • Nickfab88

      Are you high?

    • Dud Ug

      LOL get of whatever your taking man jeez….

  • Leon Nick Perkins

    Braun strowman is garbage. He still dresses like a wyatt. He has a different finisher each week, he hasn’t fought anyone over 200 lbs. Time he losses his first match, he’s going to become an irrelevant jobber. Umaga, great khali, are good examples. He seriously needs to be repackaged.

    • Boss

      This is him repackaged. He technically debut as a Adam Rose bud in NXT lol. Sometimes you gotta do a lot of crap before you get a hit, look at Kane, Dr. Issac Yankem, Fake Diesel. Look at Ziggler, Kerwin White Caddy I don’t even think he had a name, Kenny Spirit Squad, now Dolph Ziggler and even as Dolph he’s had multiple make overs, it’s like he has a identity crisis every year. Tights no tights, hoodie, 80s metal band, suits, he has no idea what he’s doing anymore. Being repackaged isnt always the answer, sometimes it has to be something subtle. Look at Miz, Miz is more over than Ziggler now between adding his wife into the picture & talking Smack promo, atleast Miz is more stable, he’s only had 1 make over in 10 years and adding very subtle nuances over the years to keep his somewhat stale image fresh.

  • JustusX

    Really… please do not put Samoa Joe on the Raw brand. WWE Creative is pathetic and stupid.

  • Pool..Deadpool!! #Wham

    joe! joe! joe! joe!