“Who Killed Yoshi Tatsu?” On “Santino’s Foreign Exchange”, Ziggler On Barreta’s Release

– This week’s episode of “Santino’s Foreign Exchange” features Santino Marella playing a detective as he tries to figure out who “killed” Yoshi Tatsu. The synopsis reads, “Things get a little … dark … this week on “Santino’s Foreign Exchange.” A ridiculous misunderstanding on the part of The Milan Miracle leads to a bonafide “whodunnit” caper. So, who “killed” Yoshi Tatsu?”

– Dolph Ziggler weighed in on Trent Barreta’s release from WWE yesterday. He wrote on Twitter this afternoon, “#WheresTRENT??? Oh right, being an awesome wrestler somewhere else….”

– Former WWE developmental wrestler Byron Wilcott defeated Carson Friday in Houston, Texas to become the new NWA North American Champion.

Video – Santino Marella’s real voice caught on tape ->

(source: F4WOnline.com)