Who Would Win? – Batista vs. Brock Lesnar

Dave Batista versus Brock Lesnar would be a WWE battle for the ages just based on the sheer popularity of both wrestlers. Two iconic Superstars on WWE’s list of notable titans, these mammoth men are destined to clash.

Both these huge Superstar are unquestionably apposing. Here’s a closer look:

David Batista
Professional in-ring debut: 1997
Height: 6’ 6”
Weight: 290Lb
Style: Brawler, power
Titles held: OVW Heavyweight Champion, WWE Champion (2), World Heavyweight Champion (4), World Tag Team Champion (3) w/Rick Flair (2) and John Cena; WWE Tag Team Champion w/Rey Mysterio, 2005 Royal Rumble Winner
Won first major WWE singles title from: Triple H
Finishing moves: Demon Bomb/Batista Bomb, spinebuster, spear

Brock Lesner
Professional in-ring debut: 2000
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 286Lb
Style: Technical, submissions, brawler, power
Titles held: UFC World Heavyweight Champion, IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, NCAA Champion, NJCA Champion, Big Ten Title, OVW Tag Team Champion (3) w/Shelton Benjamin, WWE Champion (3), 2003 Royal Rumble Winner, 2002 King of the Ring
Won first major federation singles titles from: The Rock
Finishing moves: F-5, Brock Lock, rear naked choke, Shooting Star Press, side bear hug, Kimura Lock

Commentators and story lines helped build Batista into a threatening in-ring competitor, but studying his actual skill proved otherwise. Batista used a meager selection of moves and was very stiff in his movements. As his in-ring prowess matured he grew into an experienced veteran. The Animal improved tremendously in his technique and execution. Today, though, after being away for several years, Batista has since regressed.

Brock Lesner has always displayed a wide array of moves, his speed and stamina remain impressive. Loose and fluent in motion, his agility is frightening. Since his debut, his on screen persona pretty much sold itself.

Batista tends to look tired after just five to ten minutes of continuous movement, Brock tends to intensify as matches progress. Batista slows matches at mid-point to rest, while Brock slows to punish.

These former champions both execute devastating finishers. Regardless, big moves are not likely to put either away quickly. Brock has been known to be prone to concussion, while Batista has proven to be easily injured.

So how would a match between Brock and Batista likely play out?

It would be up and down at first. Batista would come out with his punches, clotheslines and corner shoulder blocks, maybe an early spear like he executed on The Undertaker. Brock would do much the same, slamming Batista into the turnbuckle before landing several shoulder blocks to the mid-section. But soon Batista would tire while Brock would just be warming up.

Submission holds and dozens of suplex variations would take a toll on Batista, much like when he lost to the late Chris Benoit and Goldberg. Brock would start with arm bars, a Steiner-like camel clutch, and using his height for leverage to increase the potency of these moves.

Once the match spilled outside the ring it would quickly turn brutal, momentarily favoring Batista. The Animal rarely grabs weapons, relying only on his power and surroundings to do damage. For Brock, everything is a weapon. If Batista spine-rammed Brock into the ring post, it would allow Dave a few moments to exact punishment. But Batista’s style leaves him open to reversals. The tide would swing thanks to a big suplex from Brock. The longer they stayed outside, the more likely Batista would end up being F-5’d into the ring post or on the announce table.

Back in the ring Batista would no-doubt land a surprise spinebuster, maybe even a seldom-used traditional powerslam. A Demon Bomb (AKA Batista Bomb) would punctuate the assault. Brock would kick out. The near fall would no doubt enrage Batista, again leaving him open as he attacks wildly.

Brock is too technically-gifted in the squared circle. He would easily reverse one of Dave’s moves – running clothesline, running powerslam, another spinebuster or powerbomb attempt – into the F-5. Batista would barely kick out, then follow with big clothesline to floor Brock. This would set up a spear attempt. Brock would counter with his Kimura Lock submission to finish Batista off.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar

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  • cj

    About 10 , 11 yrs ago , I would’ve been dying to see this match. Present day, it wouldn’t excite me as much . Not sure if it is because of WWE’S way of booking nowadays or because both competitors aren’t in their prime anymore. Batista more so than Brock.

  • Hosep

    Lets make it an MMA fight and watch Brock rip Batista in half.

  • James Humwood

    Lesnar would win easily. batista gasses out in 2 minutes