Who’s the Favorite to Win Battleground’s IC Battle Royal?, Backstage News on Cesaro’s Push

– Cesaro appears to be the favorite to win the vacant WWE Intercontinental Title in the battle royal at this month’s Battleground pay-per-view.

It’s said that Cesaro, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns are still three people that WWE officials still have earmarked for top spots in the company by WrestleMania 31 season.

Cesaro’s recent losses are not meant to move him down the ladder.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • http://www.BatmanRulez.com/ Mojo Jojo

    This guy is OVERRATED.
    I would rather take Ziggler as the winner.

    • SemajTheSellout

      I wouldn’t say he’s overrated, but I do agree that Dolph is in need of something around his waste aside from Summer Rae, lol. Cesaro has the skill, there is just nobody on the main roster as a baby face that can give him the match he deserves until Bryan comes back. Although I like how physical him and Sheamus get.

      • http://www.BatmanRulez.com/ Mojo Jojo

        Sheamus, Barret. RVD (yeah, he needs a push), Bray, Alberto, Roman, Dean, Rollins, Ziggler and Russev.. I think they all can give him a good match.
        I would like to reserve Daniel Bryan for the WWE champion. Cesaro doesn’t deserve to be the champion now at least.

        The reason I said overrated is because I think he and Ziggler are on same level and RVD is ahead of both of them but WWE is just screwing both of these guys, specially RVD. The guy can rip off all the superstars in the roster (although his losses are scripted, seriously a ECW champion and 8 time intercont. champion losing to a 2 year old debuted Rollins? LOL).

  • thesmarktank

    I don’t see Cesaro taking it. He is a favorite because he won the WM battle royal, but the likeliness that this means he’ll win THIS battle royal isn’t high. I’d agree below that Ziggler has a decent chance, and maybe they’d risk giving him an IC run.

    I could see Cesaro with that strap in the future, but let’s remember, he was US champ for quite some time. The IC wouldn’t do a lot to help him.

    And I see his recent losses as a way to inspire more aggression.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I couldn’t care who would win it since their is no actual value left in the I.C title. Is there no other creative way to win the I.C title other than constant battle royales?!

  • Jt Segur

    Clearly overrated…..

  • jmull

    They have made a couple moves toward elevating the IC title in recent months, and they seem to be building Cesaro as the battle royal guy (per Heyman’s comments) so this seems likely. It feels like putting it on Bray would elevate it though.

  • Michael F

    Cesaro can only make most of the locker room(even the horrible stiffs) look like a million bucks in ring. But no he is totally overrated. Plus RVD is way too Botchy now. And I hate saying that because I was a big time RVD mark.