Why Barrett Stopped Delivering Bad News, Former WWE Divas Filming Reality Show, Linda McMahon, More

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett told Sky Sports this week that he stopped delivering his “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news…” promos because WWE officials told him to as fans were joining in on the promos and cheering him. Barrett teased picking back up on the bad news after WrestleMania.

– The surprise that former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly was teasing is a reality TV show. She was filming at WrestleCon on Friday and fans who waited in line had to sign a release form to give permission for their image to be used or not. Fans were told that the show was being filmed for the E! network. Both Kelly Kelly and Maryse were wearing microphones for audio also.

– WWE Network is broadcasting live updates from WrestleMania 31 Axxess today.

– Linda McMahon is greeting people at WrestleMania 31 Axxess today. Here she is with Connor Michalek’s dad:

– Below is video of Stardust and R-Truth having a big screen WWE 2K15 battle at Levi’s Stadium:

  • Abbey

    God forbid someone gets a crowd reaction WWE doesn’t want them to get….

    • revelated

      You misunderstand. It’s A-OK for the fans to go “PAUL…HEYMAN…” and “BRRRRRRRRROCK….LLLLLLLLLLLEESSNARRRR!!!” with Heyman promos. Because it’s Heyman.

      It’s perfectly fine for fans to sing “JOHN CENA SUUUUUUUUUCKS!” to his theme song. Because Cena is “getting a reaction”.

      But guys like Ricardo, Armando Estrada, etc. midcard heels, in WWE’s eyes they can’t have fan support. It’s bad. Why? Who knows.

  • Sir William McCormick

    So Barrett is getting over, and the fans are approving? What the hell is that crap? They take it away?

  • Yoyo

    I’m afraid I’ve got noooo newssss

  • Michael Duberry

    That is a classic WCW move. As soon as somebody gets any sort of positive crowd reaction, they get their legs cut off from underneath them. Cesaro was getting over with the Big Swing, so they remove it. Zack Ryder was getting over thanks to his Youtube show, so they cancel it. Barrett finally getting over thanks to his bad news, so they abandon it.

    Barrett has been a heel since his debut, and has never been able to break into the main event scene. He hits upon a character the crowd react to, but instead of turning him babyface, creating a whole new selection of feuds for the man, possibly creating a new main event star and giving the fans something fresh for once, instead they just stop him doing what was getting over.

    One day WWE will collapse under its own stupidity. I’m not sure even super messiah Triple H will be able to save the mess it’s turning into,

    • tkthetank

      You said it! Sure turning guys every other week is a bad move. But so is not letting them grow organically. If a guy is getting over… let it happen!