Why Batista Has Backstage Heat With Wrestlers Already, Dean Ambrose vs. Jake Roberts

– PWMania.com reported that Batista made these comments in reply to a tweet from Alberto Del Rio where Del Rio mentioned Batista’s MMA debut:

“Seems 2 me that some C level stars in a B level star era have bought into their own hype. Don’t turn a work into a shoot. #realitycheck”

Batista has since deleted that tweet. His comments have been a hot topic within WWE among other wrestlers this week, with the feeling that he pretty much buried the entire locker room with one tweet. One person compared them to Triple H once saying The Undertaker was the only person worthy of wrestling him in the entire locker room.

– WWE posted a Fantasy Match-Up video looking at Dean Ambrose vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts:

  • Luke

    Not quite sure where Batista gets off calling anyone B-level. The guy never drew a dime in his whole career.

    • Luis

      You’re an idiot. Seriously.

      • John

        Batista is garbage that had friends. Triple H is a B level guy as well that’s been catapulted to “A level” status because he married into the company. Orton is by far the most talented out of all of Evolution.

  • Mr.Man

    He’s a draw u really think the wwe would go out and get a superstar that didn’t draw

    • Jorge Solorio

      exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People spend all day on the internet and listen to every shoot interview. pick up the wrestling talk and start throwing around the term “Never drew a dime” Vince wouldn’t push anyone who isn’t making him money. He’s a business man not a “Mark”

  • James

    I know the HHH comment is old news but still shows how much ppl respect taker :p

  • Bryan Thomas

    Well he’s no A level himself. He’s never done much in the ring. Brock lesnar and kurt angle are A level. But batista is right about one thing, this is a b level star era. Everyone is impressed with roman reigns and big E. Why? ……….Why come people say these guys are impressive?. So you mean to tell me that if zack ryder made a little comeback and pick up some victories, that makes him impressive just because he is getting booked to win?

  • Bryan Thomas

    Some guys never get a chance to prove that they’re A level. I guess 5 moves of doom makes you an A level

  • Trainwreck

    Anyone else think that Dean Ambrose over the last few weeks has had more opportunity on the mic?
    Thought he was excellent with Piper and in my opinion got the better of one of the best mic workers of all time. Thoughts?

    • Bryan Thomas

      It seems like his fcw side is coming out more and more

    • Mr.Man

      I agree and to take it one step further a see the shield in general are getting more mic time and its making them better and defining there characters

  • Mr.Man

    What makes an A list superstar is putting ass in seats which Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, Miz, Kingston simply don’t do. A list is were ur name alone sell tickets HHH, TheRock, Austin, Batista, Lenser, Taker, Angle, Hbk did this and a few others A list is were ur products sell at wwe shop. When u have the look and the mic skill and u don’t really need the best of both u can have the look and decent mic skill. But the move set don’t matter look at Bryan , Punk, Rey and a whole bunch of others they all use the same moves week in and week out no one say anything about it cm use that tag in clothesline all the time Bryan the flying knee everyone does only five to seven different moves.

  • Fernando Yanmar Narciso

    says the mr. potato head wannabe… seriously dave, get som lard sucked out of your face, you’re looking like a deflated tire!

  • Sammy Lane

    Truth hurts and Dave delivered this a$$ fisting the in the most hard way possible…Honestly.You all know this to be true,Cena,Coffee,Zack Ryder,Santino,Miz,both of the former Prime Time Playas are all Bl evel stars at their best.Only a few guys like The Shield,Usos,Goldust,Cody Rhodes,DB,Punk,HHH,Taker,Shawn and me(JUST KIDDING!!)are all A level stars in WWE.

    • David Alexander

      Not sure how you can legitimately claim that cena is a b-lister when he’s carried the company on his back for the last decade. No way are the Usos or rhodes’ A-listers for that matter, the shield are getting close but are still midcard. A-list isn’t even necessarily ability in ring, it’s the ability to put butts in seats by name alone and connect with fans – to be “larger than life”. Hogan was a prime example: Shitty wrestler, but has that connection and chemistry that just makes magic. Cena, Taker, Austin, Rock, Hogan, Bret Hart, Michaels, HHH, Punk, Bryan, and as much as I hate to say it during his brief run, Ultimate Warrior all have/had that magic. Everybody else, Batista included, is on the outside looking in. That’s what makes the WMXXX main event so stupid. Two people hardly anyone could give a crap about because they don’t connect with fans.

      • John

        If you think Hogan was a “shitty” wrestler, you haven’t seen him wrestle in Japan. The dude was trained by Shogun Hiro Matsuda, who is one of the most underrated and overlooked wrestlers of all time, probably the #2 greatest talent to come out of Japan, only to Antonio Inoki.

  • john smith
  • brumfield

    wrestling is fake people

  • harleyrichards32

    lets see del rio vs steroid boy…i mean dave for real and see what happens

  • Guest

    Batista,Goldberg…wrestler that got pushed probably because of their imposing physiques.

  • Dawson1

    Batista,Goldberg… wrestlers who got pushed probably because of their physique.