Why Daniel Bryan Was at Tonight’s WWE SmackDown Tapings In His Ring Gear

As noted, Daniel Bryan appeared at tonight’s WWE TV tapings in a dark segment and was wearing his ring gear.

Bryan was in his gear because he filmed the anti-smoking PSA videos that we reported on a few weeks ago. The commercial shows a fan so addicted to smoking that he misses Bryan thank him because he was outside of the arena smoking.

After shooting the PSA, Bryan cut the same promo he did at Money In the Bank about coming back better than before and possibly needing a second surgery.

Source: PWInsider

  • Joshua Williams

    So they’re doing anti-smoking PSA’s at the same time they are advertising alcohol? Seems legit. Also thought it was funny that Santino and Adam Rose were the one’s doing the alcohol spot, seeing as how their characters are obviously marketed towards children. PGFAIL

    • TK Le Gore

      Good one!