Why Randy Orton Called A Female Fan Ms. Piggy, Hulk Hogan’s WWE Raw Return Official

– We noted earlier that Randy Orton posted a photo of he and a fan on Twitter, calling her Ms. Piggy. TMZ reports that there’s been “serious beef” between the fan and Orton’s girlfriend as Orton had to block the woman a few months ago for sending harassing messages to his girlfriend. The fan also tweeted and said Orton was a “douche” when they took the photo.

– WWE’s website has confirmed that Hulk Hogan will be appearing on next week’s RAW from Portland. Hogan himself tweeted the following:

  • SonicRulez

    Come on Randall, it’s not 2004, you’re supposed to be mature now. Just tell her to fuck off and don’t take the picture.

  • Guest

    Oh poor girl. Randy sometimes can act like an asshole.

  • http://marcktvmovies.blogspot.mx/ Marck-WWEDivas

    Oh poor girl, she doesn’t deserve that insult. Randy Orton sometimes act like an asshole.

    • Joshua Williams

      She harasses his girlfriend and then calls him a D-bag after taking a photo with him and she’s the poor girl? Sounds to me like she’s the asshole.

  • da guy wit opinions

    Chick was talking shit to his girfriend and buried him after he took a picture with her…..how is this “poor girl”?

  • Jason

    Sometimes, you may just need to be an asshole to someone who acts like a cunt.

  • cj

    Eh, it’s kinda a lose lose situation for Orton here lol. Take the picture sarcastically to get back at someone who’s been rude and disrespectful to you to the point where you had to block them off social media. Or be a dick and blow off the picture and get labeled as ignoring a fan photo op. I think what he did wasn’t as bad as it made out to be especially if she’s been harassing them before. I mean, he could’ve shitted in her gym bag for some #vintageOrton