Why Tarver Was Cut From Nexus, Tyler Black/FCW Update

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Michael Tarver was the one to be dropped from Nexus and receive the beat down from John Cena as he currently has a groin injury which is expected to keep him out of action for awhile.

FCWwrestling.info has added former ROH Tyler Black’s new name to its official roster section. Black’s WWE name is now Seth Rollins.

  • vivek

    cena destroyed tarver

  • sandra

    i like where this angle is headed,but it still sounds like a train wreck.

  • Dave

    I bet Otunga will be the next to go with the addition of the season 2 people. Then, Tarver, Otunga and Darren Young will form a group to fight Nexus and they will be led by a returning Triple H

  • haimanchandra

    hell it seems like before we get to the end of this storyline with nexus and cena, there might not be a nexus left,seeing they all end up injuring them selves 0_o