Why The Big 12-Man Match Happened On Monday’s Raw, WWE’s First Current Priority

Many fans have been wondering why WWE chose to do The Shield and The Wyatt Family vs. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Goldust and The Usos at RAW instead of the Survivor Series pay-per-view. From the moment they did the big 6-on-6 tease two weeks ago, the plan was to come back and do the actual match on RAW the following week. WWE never considered putting the match on pay-per-view.

WWE’s #1 priority right now is building up RAW and SmackDown to the point ratings are strong so they can be in control when it comes to negotiating TV rights fees here at home and internationally.

The feeling is that if they can double or triple their TV rights fees then they will be doing well financially for a long time to come. With the recent $8.2 billion TV deal that NASCAR signed, some people within WWE actually believe that they can quadruple their rights fees.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • You Lose!

    It would be REALLY nice if they would stop catering to super cena and actually concentrate on the other talents and actually not rush the damn feuds.. Also switching ppv names left and right is truly really annoying.. They should keep the traditional ppv names survivor series royal rumble wrestle mania over the edge king of the ring bad blood etc.. Also no need for writers let the wrestlers tell their own stories like they did back in the 80s-90s that’s how they became legends.. Sure it doesn’t have to be violent but make it more believable.. No more cena catering.. That’s why I hardly watch WWE shows because 90% of the time it’s about Cena.. Time for new spotlights

    • April Jeanette Lee

      for your info nobody will ever replace cena as the top man.only if he ever desides to retire will that happen right now there is not a superstar qualified to carry the load cena does he makes more money for wwe than all the other stars put together

      • Ruandy Torres

        What hurts WWEis that they have no plan to replace Ce na (or Orton for that matter) Cena is in his mid 30’s now and is starting to break down a bit .He’s worked a lot for a lot of years so no wonder it’s taken a toll. At some point he’ll have to ease up or the injuries will keep a coming (see Rey Mysterio as an example)