Why Wade Barrett Has The Tools To Be A Main Eventer

On the 16th of February in 2010, the WWE Fans saw the debut of one Wade Barrett on their television screen. Mr. Barrett would be put on the WWE’s newest creation: NXT, a competition for a “rookie” to receive a WWE contract. Barrett would go on to win the first ever season of NXT and would go on to lead the Nexus…but that’s another story to tell.

Barrett would distinguish himself on NXT and his subsequent time on RAW and later Smackdown. I am here today to present the reasons why this Brutal Brit can become a main eventer in the WWE and be fit to carry a World Title. With that said, Let’s get it started!

Skill with a Microphone:

First and foremost, what stands out about Wade Barrett is his amazing mic skills. Barrett’s accent coupled with his broad vernacular make his microphone skills one of the best.

The accent adds to Barrett’s overwhelming tone. With its deep, commanding nature one cannot but compelled to listen and be drawn in by it. The assertive dominant nature ensures that as a heel, his voice and thoughts will be heard by not just his opponent but the fans as well.

Now his vocabulary is the second component to Barrett’s mic skills. Possessing a slightly advanced per se vocabulary allows Barrett to get his point across while seeming extremely intelligent. Just watch him in one of his best moments or here.

As a heel, one must not appear as brutish nor as an ignoramus but a dignified intellectual. Barrett’s vernacular allows him to be utilize the normal demands of a heel as well as present a way to insult the masses and his opponents. For example check out this clip of Barrett.

In-Ring Skill:

Let’s get one thing straight: Barrett is no Bret Hart nor is he Chris Benoit. One can not expect the same level of technical skill of these two men from Barrett. Yet Barrett’s in-ring style is one that can be considered a brawler as well as ground and pound.

Barrett’s past as a bareknuckle boxer comes out when he gets into a straight up fist fight with his opponent. The dangerous jabs coupled with his brutish hits are clearly demonstrated.

Barrett’s size also comes into play when in the ring. Billed at a height of 6 ft 7 in and a weight of 246 lb, Barrett can easily be classified as a Heavyweight. As such, Barrett has no problem taking command of his opponent in the ring, tossing them around like a rag doll.

Not only adept at pounding his opponent, Barrett has the tendency to go up the turnbuckle as well. Using an excellent elbow drop for a big man, Barrett has began to increase his vast array of skills.

Ability as a Heel:

So far Barrett has only played a heel on WWE television and rightfully so. Barrett has the skills to be a heel and a top heel at that. His excellent mic skills as well as his own personal demeanor add to his ambiance. Now I’m not one to be called superficial, but Barrett’s countenance at times and his face in general scream heel.

The smug, arrogant look he gives an opponent right before he defeats them. The determined, wrathful look given right before an opponent enters the ring. Barrett’s facial expressions allow the audience and viewers at home to truly get an emotional feel of this dangerous villain.
Barrett’s ability to be hated allows him to be portrayed as a heel as well. When Barrett was leader of the Nexus he came out to massive boos each and every week. Now one can argue that was due to the nature of the group itself, but remember that Barrett was its leader. The group served no other purpose but his own and he was constantly put into the spotlight all the time.

When Barrett fired John Cena, he came out to more boos each and every week for his despicable actions. The night Cena left, Barrett even gave him a farewell “You Can’t See Me!” to piss the crowd off even more.

In conclusion, Barrett definitely has the tools to go far in the company. An uncanny ability on the mic, a good in-ring style, and a natural ability to play a heel. Expect big things from Barrett when he returns from injury and besure to check out some fantasy booking by fellow WE writer Nav ‘WowReallyWTFF’ Singh. Long live the Barrett Barrage!