Why Was Triple H Visibly Upset During Monday’s WWE Raw Segment With Big Show

Triple H reportedly “blew a gasket” towards the end of Monday’s RAW in the main event segment with Big Show. When The Shield came out and RAW went to commercial, Triple H was visibly upset and was seen dropping a “f-bomb” before grabbing a headset and arguing with whoever was on the other end.

It turns out that the segment was going long and someone in the back, either Kevin Dunn or Vince McMahon, sent out The Shield as a cue for commercial. Triple H was upset because they cut before Big Show could be told he was indeed getting a WWE Title shot. RAW ended up going 5 or 6 minutes long and that’s because this segment had problems.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Lyle

    I’ve been “visibly upset” with all of these suck ass storylines!

  • Noel Lackey

    The amount of ad breaks during RAW sucks anyway. It’s a live show and we should see it in its entirety. I don’t bother fumbling to watch what’s happening on the app during the breaks as I know the most important things will happen during the TV feed. I know the ads bring huge revenue for the company but lately I am finding myself not stay up late (1am-4:15am) to watch RAW because of the ads.

  • Eric Young

    He should be more upset that him and Show get so much airtime and neither one on any good cutting promos or wrestling. It’s time to cut all these guys… HHH, Taker, Show, Rock, Cena… I hate em all. Always have. HBK is another that can’t sell anything anymore.

    • Trey

      How dare you sir, put Taker in there. The man is the most respected in Pro-Wrestling. Did you know that Taker has made young talent look good, he hates politics? Undertaker hasn’t even had air time, because of his damn injuries.

      • Captain N

        No the most respected in pro wrestling goes to Sting….Undertaker a close second though !