Why WWE Announced Dean Ambrose’s Departure

Wade Keller of PWTorch.com, who broke the story about Dean Ambrose planning to leave WWE, commented on why the company decided to publicly announce his departure:

“I know they got asked by media and maybe they feel that they have a fiduciary responsibility to answer questions from investors or the media regarding somebody who has definitely said that they’re not going to be there you know starting in May. Or they just wanted to own the narrative and it’s a very big story. It’s a top, top guy for the last five plus years and there’s a report out there, an incredible report hopefully I can say that he had rejected their contract offer.”

“I mean can they ignore it? I’m sure there’s an internal discussion. It doesn’t come up much that a story of that magnitude gets out there without their controlling it. So maybe putting the statement out was just a way to grab the reins and say, ‘Alright we’re a little in control of this because we’re going to own what the truth is.”