Why WWE Requested A Hearing Today For TNA Lawsuit

WWE requested a hearing in Nashville (which takes place at 1:30 PM) about TNA’s lawsuit against them and Brian Wittenstein.

WWE told the court that the deadlines set for made them worried “they will be unable to adequately prepare” for a planned hearing on June 11 and will not be able to comply with the Discovery Order “without considerable inconvenience and expense”.

WWE and TNA have not been able to agree to the order, location and dates for several depositions TNA requested for Triple H and John Laurinaitis. They also want to depose Ric Flair. WWE told the court that Laurinaitis was scheduled for “previously advertised and committed television appearances” in the United States and Spain next week as well as June 11. This presents a problem to TNA’s requested timeline.

Jerry Jerry McDevitt has filed paperwork to represent WWE. Brian Wittenstein (former TNA and WWE office worker) hasn’t responded to the court or had a legal representative file paperwork announcing they will represent him.

(Partial Source: Pwinsider.com)