Will Jim Ross Be At This Monday’s WWE Raw Supershow?

– WWE announcer Jim Ross addressed whether he will be at Monday’s three-hour Slammys edition of Raw in a new blog on jrsbarbq.com this weekend:

“I may even try to attend this Monday’s show in Norfolk. Or simply watch the three hour special from home,” Ross said. … Ross gave a detailed overview of WWE’s developmental system after spending a week at FCW. He said his view is wrestlers with an ROH background have a better chance of making the main roster. “The process is a long one and can take years to achieve much to the chagrin of some,” Ross said. “I realize that times have changed but calling a wrestler up to the main roster too soon is the kiss of death more often than not it seems. The athletes that come from organizations such as ROH have a little faster track to travel or so it seems.”

Ross also talks WWE Network, John Morrison, Matt Hardy, 2012 Hall of Fame, Angle’s 2012 Olympics aspirations, Zack Ryder, Jericho & Batista, and JBL.

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