Will WWE’s Change In Pay-Per-View Business Hurt Returns Like The Rock at WrestleMania?

It will be interesting to see how WWE’s change in pay-per-view business will affect how much money they’re willing to spend on big returns such as The Rock.

The Rock’s been paid a percentage as opposed to a guarantee, tied into the pay-per-view revenue, for his recent WrestleMania matches.

The Rock previously mentioned in an interview that he would come back if the deal was similar to his others but with WWE pay-per-view being so far down and the change in pay-per-view business, it may not be financially feasible for WWE.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Jonathan Baylor

    Why should we pay more for ppv just because the Rock wants more money? As far as I’m concerned Rock is done with WWE. He left us. I don’t to lay more just for an appearance.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Fuck the Rock if he’s coming back for bigger stacks. I understand he makes more money in Hollywood and avoids getting injured, however all the promos he had with Cena makes him look just as phony and if not one of the biggest hypocrites in the WWE.

    • jmull

      So he should come do it for free or he is lying about loving the business? Are you twelve years old?

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        Am I 12 years old? What a childish reply.

        Hmm.. not sure where i implied he should do it for free?

        i’m speaking in regards to the poor financial situation the WWE are currently in, yet The Rock wants more money than he got last year. Based on the recent reports, it just shows how his passion for wrestling has faded as he knows he finds more success in the film industry, his return to the WWE will only be to hype up his new movie.

        • jmull

          WWE profits huge off the Rock coming in, and he wants to get paid accordingly. If you were older than twelve, you’d see this.

          • Monkey D. Luffy

            That may have been true before the slump in revenues which led to a financial predicament for the WWE. You’re speaking as if the WWE has all the money in the world right now, if that were to be true, then why would they make so many cuts in staff, talent and equipment? To save money for these part-timers? And will the revenue change significantly because the Rock returns after the sum of money they would have to pay him? Are you thinking at all?

            Aside from him being an attraction there are no pros to him returning as it would not help the WWE succeed from their financial predicament in the long run. It did shit all for them last year since he had limited dates to make appearances. And considering the smart fans in the audience nowadays i’m definitely positive he will not receive a warm welcome, in fact he will be hit with a tonne of boos or a mixed reaction at best which is currently the case whenever his name is mentioned in the WWE.

          • jmull

            Rock will get booed because of the “smart fans?” You’re an idiot. WWE isn’t taking in less money, the stock lost value because the TV deal was not as big as predicted. They are cutting back to mitigate the “losses” on paper to satisfy investors. The Network is not bringing in what they predicted (yet), but that doesn’t mean they won’t pay him to come in for Mania season if they will still make money off him. If you don’t think having the Rock headline WM makes them money and gets eyes on the product, you’re retarded. Or twelve.

          • Monkey D. Luffy

            The amount of money the make off of Rock compared to the sum they will have to pay him will not be of significant value regardless of how much stock he raises, we’re talking 6 figures here and the WWE are currently struggling to determine whether they should put the strap on Lesnar due to his limited dates and cannot afford to spend more money to keep him for extra dates, that just gives you an idea of how they will struggle to manage the Rock in the WWE for a limited number of dates, let alone increase the stock value for a short time period.

            Are you honestly telling me the smart fans won’t ignore this and acknowledge the previous ‘promises’ the Rock made prior to leaving the WWE once again and shit all over his return just like they did Batista? Sure there will be plenty who will invest in the WWE for the short time he’s around, but i highly doubt that would be enough to save them from the deficit.

            It all comes down to how long he will remain with the company and how many dates he will serve to keep the company rejuvenated.

          • jmull

            You’re still not getting it. The Rock would have an indirect effect on the stock by bringing in a higher PPV and Network buy rate. They won’t pay him an amount that is more than he will add to any event — that’s just bad business.

            And no, The Rock is nothing like Batista. That you even make that comparison shows how off you are. Only tool bags like you would boo the Rock for being a part timer. He is entertaining and a great worker no matter how often he shows up. And most people in the arena are not “smart fans.”

    • KingPin

      i hate the part timers i wouldnt mind if they had a fulltime schedule but instead they get so much cash and do so little

    • http://www.iburypeople.com Triple H

      you need to join HHH’s Kiss my Ass club since you obviously don’t know what’s best for business

  • DiegoSilva

    who needs ya rocky! go back to making movies punk ass sell out

  • http://www.iburypeople.com Triple H

    Don’t worry guys, i’ll have my good buddy Dwayne help me bury everyone

    • jmull

      Are you serious? He beat Punk once and traded wins with Cena in a 2 year span.