William Regal Comments On The Walkout That Took Place At Raw

William Regal is the latest WWE superstar to comment on the walkout that took place at the end of Monday’s RAW Supershow.

Regal wrote the following on Twitter on Tuesday night:

“Some people have asked about the walkout on Raw.My personal reasons for my action was that I think HHH has enough on his plate being the COO.I know exactly what it takes to be in charge of Raw and it comes at a dear price(or it did with me).HHH is in charge of the WWE.He needs to concentrate on the company as a whole and put a suitable candidate in charge of the Raw brand.

Although we haven’t had much to do with each other(apart from the odd scuffle)18 years ago myself and HHH where very close. We choose separate paths but my heart went out to him last night as for whatever has happened in our respective lives,we where once friends.

I don’t agree with the superstars on any of there reasons for walking out on HHH.I just want him to share some of his burden. And I hope this message gets to him and he respects my view.”