World Heavyweight Title Match Announced For WWE’s SummerSlam Pay-Per-View

Christian defeated Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton in a #1 contender’s match on Friday’s SmackDown to earn a shot at World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio at the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view. Here’s the updated confirmed card:

WWE Title Match
Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Title Match
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

  • Geoff

    This match-up isn’t even fresh. Christian is not over either. Was hoping since Dolph’s not getting another shot that RVD would get his at SummerSlam. How come RVD comes back and gets over huge but then gets overlooked for Summerslam?

    • WWE RaZaR

      Because RVD is still relevant for a while even without a title. People will begin to lose interest in Christian after a while, but if he has a run with the title he will also stay relevant. Plus Christian is pretty good in the ring! I would have liked to see RVD in the match as well, but there’s nothing wrong with Christian getting a title shot in my opinion!

      • Geoff

        RVD doesn’t need a title run at this juncture but there’s nothing wrong with a title shot. I do agree that Christian’s been hastily put into the title picture in the hopes that he remains relevant and I also agree that Christian is very good in the ring. But then again RVD is way more over right now and why not capitalise on it, on the 2nd biggest ppv? I’m worried about the lukewarm reactions Christian and the title match will get at Summerslam.